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Radio advertising works!

Don't take our word for it - see how well it's working for businesses like yours who are advertising on The Beach now!

Geoff Price from Custom Kitchens, Bedroom and Bathrooms:

"Custom Kitchens have been advertising with The Beach from the very beginning. We use The Beach to advertise our business because it hits the largest area possible of the local market and we find it much more cost effective than some other media.  We know it works for us because customers and even strangers will always say 'we heard you on the radio'.  We use radio to promote the Custom Kitchens brand right across the year as well as one off sales and promotions.  The sales team at The Beach have been fantastic, they come up with idea's and work with ours in order to really make Custom Kitchens successful.  We have an open day coming up and they have already starting planning idea's to make this a great day for all"