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Hathaway: Sexism Forced Me Into Producing

The Oscar-winning actress told Sky News she has had to start producing films in order to ensure that, in her 30s, she gets to tackle parts that interest her.

"I think my slate would be a lot more empty if I wasn't producing," she said.

"The whole industry is a bit embarrassed by the state of things when you look at the numbers."

The star is the latest to speak up on the issue of inequality in Hollywood.

Patricia Arquette used her Oscar acceptance speech to highlight the pay gap between male and female stars, Emily Blunt has called for more female action heroes while Jessica Chastain says many roles she gets offered are overly sexualised.

According to a recent study by the University of California, of the 100 highest-grossing films in 2014 only 1.9% were directed by women and only 12% featured female protagonists.

But Hathaway said changes were coming: "I see steps being taken every day - I've started producing and whenever we are trying to find a director for it someone will also ask: 'Where are the women on this list?'

"Sometimes you go a little deeper - maybe they don't have a feature film yet, they only have a short film, but I think people are aware - not just women but men - and I think enough people are trying to make it better that the needle is moving.

"It's going to take time, but I think there are a lot of positive indicators."

Hathaway was talking while on a press tour for her new movie The Intern.

She plays Jules Ostin, whose husband is a stay-at-home dad while she runs a hugely-successful online fashion retailer.

It co-stars Robert De Niro, who works as a 'senior intern' at the company.

Hathaway said the concept - written by Nancy Meyers - shows Hollywood is beginning to tackle sexism on screen.

"I think with my character, we're seeing a different kind of female boss and I think we're used to seeing one kind and maybe it means people's views are expanding - so that's good."

The Intern is in cinemas from 2 October.

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