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Taylor Swift Excused From Jury Duty Over 'Grope' Case

During the screening process in Nashville, the singer said she was concerned she might be biased - revealing her involvement in a civil case over an alleged sexual assault.

Davidson County District Attorney General's Office spokesman Ken Whitehouse said a judge accepted the 26-year-old's argument and dismissed her as a potential juror.

He said: "She asked to be left off out of concern for an upcoming trial in Denver where she was - she used the term 'groped' - by a fan at a meet-and-greet."

Swift told the judge she would be more than willing to serve on a jury in any other type of case, Mr Whitehouse said.

Before the hearing, the Shake It Off singer chatted and took selfies with other members of the jury pool.

Technology-infrastructure company boss Bryan Merville said around 20 of 140 people in a waiting area asked for a photo or autograph.

After getting a photo for his daughters, Mr Merville said: "She's about as famous as they come, but she couldn't have been nicer.

"She took the time to talk to every person who asked her for a picture."

Katie Caplenor, who got the star to record a video for her carpool friends, posted a photo on Facebook and said: "Jury duty was quite an experience."

The sexual assault case in Denver is based on a counterclaim filed by Swift after a former radio host who was sacked from his job sued her.

David Mueller claimed he lost his job after a member of Swift's security team falsely accused him of grabbing the singer's buttocks backstage during a 2013 photo session.

Muller claimed the person who assaulted Swift was actually one of his superiors.

Swift's counterclaim states: "Ms Swift knows exactly who committed the assault."

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