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Jackie Chan Makes Pledge To Be A Better Father

Speaking at an event to promote his new film in Beijing, the martial arts expert urged the media not to speculate about his son's case.

"I am always a father. I used to be an unqualified father. Now, after this event, I want to be a qualified father," he told reporters.

The younger Chan is among a group of celebrities detained on drug charges during a crackdown in Beijing and other parts of China which has rounded up close to 8,000 people, according to the police.

Police said that they had found more than 100 grams of marijuana in Chan's apartment in August, although the 32-year-old is accused of accommodating drug users, an offence that carries a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment.

The charge is far more serious than that of drug taking.

Two other people detained in the same case were accused of selling drugs, while 23-year-old Taiwanese movie star Ko Chen-tung - also known as Kai Ko - was released after a few weeks in detention.

Ko now faces chargers of drug consumption in Taiwan.

The detention was a blow for Jackie Chan, who was appointed as an anti-drug ambassador in 2009.

He apologised for his son's mistake in an online statement, but this was the first time he answered questions about his son's case.

"I have said everything in my statement," Chan said. "What you have is exactly the same as what I know."

Chan also asked for the media to respect the family when publishing information about the case.

"If you publish some news aiming at catching the public's attention, it could very easily hurt some people. It is alright to hurt me. I can bear it. But I am sincerely asking you here not to hurt Jaycee Chan's mother, please."

Chan's new film Skiptrace sees him play a Hong Kong detective who chases a reckless gambler played by American actor Johnny Knoxville.

It is expected to premiere in China next year.

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