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Breakfast on The Beach with Paul Carter

Paul Carter

Breakfast on The Beach

Paul wakes you up on the East Coast every weekday from 6am.

Join Paul for great songs while you're getting the kids off to school, the latest travel every 15 minutes, and play The Music Mash after 7:40am for the chance to win free Music.

When Paul's not on the air, he's kept busy by his growing family. Little Gemma joined the Carter clan last year, so Paul's an expert at changing the nappies now.

Kids Talk 90 x 90 Who is Simon Cowell? How come Daddy gets away without doing the housework? We chat with the kids each day at 7.20 and 8.20am.
Why do round pizzas come in a square box? What's the point of that small left pocket on your jeans? Let Paul answer your random questions every Wednesday. Email him.
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