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Fire Service Give Kitchen Safety Tips

The tips come after it was revealed that three quarters of house fires in the past ten months began in the kitchen.

Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service are encouraging people to stay safe in the kitchen.

Garry Collins, Head of Protection and Prevention at Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service, said: "The majority of kitchen fires are easily preventable.

"There are two main issues, one is making sure that the kitchen is kept tidy and that flammable items such as tea towels are kept well away from hobs and ovens.

"The other is distractions, where people are trying to multi-task and are not paying full attention."

When cooking, it is advised that all appliances are monitored throughout, especially those using hot oil. When using a chip pan or similar deep fat fryer, it is important to: 

  • Never fill more than one third full with oil
  • Supervise the equipment at all times, and turn off the heat if the oil begins to smoke
  • Never put water into a fryer as these can cause fireballs

As well as this, it is important to keep flammable kitchen items away from hobs and ovens. These include:

  • Tea towels & dish cloths
  • Product packaging
  • Loose clothing

The fire service offer a home visit service for people concerned about the fire safety of their homes.

You can request visit from the service here: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/safety/norfolk-fire-and-rescue-service/safety-advice-and-guidance/home-safety-advice/fire-safety-at-home/free-home-fire-safety-check

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